Welcome to the Intensive Care Medicine National Recruitment Office

The Intensive Care Medicine National Recruitment Office (ICMNRO) at Health Education England working across the West Midlands is the responsible organisation for coordinating ST3 recruitment to Intensive Care Medicine specialty training posts within the NHS. This responsibility is carried out on behalf of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Recruitment to Intensive Care Medicine training programmes is conducted for August 2017 commencement.

It is recommended that potential applicants familiarise themselves with the 2017 Applicant Handbook which is available at the ​NHS Specialty Training website.

National Recruitment 2017

Applications will be invited from 10am (UK time) on Wednesday 1st February 2017 via the Oriel recruitment portal.

It is highly recommended you view the 2017 Person Specification before making any application to ICM in order to ensure you are eligible. The person specification can be found on the HEE Specialty Training website.

 ​View Details and Apply

Recruitment to Intensive Care Medicine in Scotland 2017

For 2017 recruitment the process for ICM ST3 posts based in Scotland will remain the same, i.e. all of the posts available in Scotland will be recruited through the national recruitment process.

All of the Scottish posts in national recruitment will be single ICM CCT posts. These will be recruited to in exactly the same way that all other ICM posts are recruited into (i.e. they can be offered to either single of dual CCT trainees and partnered with any of the 5 ICM partner specialties).

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